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11:01am 23/01/2009
  i have not been on live journal in probably a year or so or maybe even more. sometimes i log on and it just makes me feel like im in high school but instead of everyones thoughts fueling some sort of addiction that i had to know everything about everyone i dont care anymore and thats sad. i am just going to get a couple or a few things out and im done.

i wish 1964 was still going strong, when we were playing lots of shows and recording music whenever we could, that was the best time of my life. and its really sad that we are kind of dying out or at very least slowing down when we finally were getting some recognition and some really good and exciting offers. i have had calls from random people begging me for us not to break up, and that makes me miss that feeling so much more.

i want to start a new band so bad that other people will be as passionate about as i will be. i want to play shows every weekend and record new songs at least once a month and maybe go on tour. my dream is to live off of music, or should i say make my living off of music, i already live off of it. everyday i just daydream about that. i cant think of anything i want more. i am too full of ideas and energy to just sit here and fantisize about it, i need to take action but nothing seems to ever work out, no one ever seems interested.


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10:18pm 21/01/2008
  i feel depressed and lonely.

nothing sounds in tune, nothing sounds good at all
nothing tastes good, i eat when i'm full, i starve when i am hungry
things are blossoming up all around me
but my world is on pause
i know everything will be fine at the end
but i feel like i'm floating directly behind everything and everyone
things are too important to me
i have never met anyone who wants like me
sometimes i feel like i am doing alright
then then i get lulled into my usual mood for twice as long
i am always sorry about something
i am aways waiting for something
these things aren't even scratching the skin of things
get it

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03:34pm 15/10/2007

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12:25pm 15/09/2007

ask us for a ticket!!!

1964 has a purevolume now.

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11:28pm 26/07/2007
  i feel halfway somewhere between these two songs.

so nobody updates anymore, i figure i will give everyone an update.

i am sick of my head and wish i had a day where i would not wake up for 24 hours, maybe i could wake up and not have a headache or something, i am emotionally exhausted, and i dont even know why, everything upsets me, i get pissed and frustrated quick as hell, i am worried about tomorrow.

i got fired from my job, and the only reason is because paul (the owner) for some reason didnt like me, i was a good employee. and nowhere within a reasonable walking distance is hiring except starbucks and i doubt i will get hired there.

i am seeing interpol this weekend and im pretty excited about it

i am going to lollapalooza in chicago and im pretty excited about it

i wish i would do something with my life, i wish i could say what i want to say and not have to worry about if people think i am an asshole. i wish i could say no and i wish i was a better person.

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09:12am 03/07/2007
  this is at the royal oak music theatre


this this this is at the newly reopened xhedos now called ajs


i hope to see everybody there, they will be fun occasions, i promise

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10:55pm 21/06/2007
  days like today make me wonder what it would be like to die...

: )
i love my new book
i love aqua guitars that used to be black
i love kisses
i love hugs
i love holding hands
i love games that let you know how special you are
i love not sleeping alone

: (
i love having no direction
i love feelings when no cares how you feel
i love when trash talks back
i love being last on the list
i love having fights or arguments with everyone in the same day
i love feeling alone
i love when my heart hurts enough to make my throat feel clogged
i love talking myself into bad situations
i love that the things that are good for me are bad for what i want
i love not being able to sleep
i love drinking poison 3 times a day everyday
i love working all weekend and i still dont make enough money

06:38pm 08/06/2007
  i think the only reason i havent quit my job is that i need money for the stupid shit i want

i think the only reason i havent gone insane is that i am too worried of what people will think

i think the only reason i havent been screaming my lungs out is because i am embarassed

i think the only reason i am still living here is because i hate rules

i think the only reason i am still alive is because im in love

i think the only reason i am posting this is because i hate feeling like this, maybe saying it will help

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05:39pm 22/05/2007
  my phone broke yesterday and i got a new phone, but because my phone was crappy and has no chip so if everyone would please leave me their phone number that would be really good! thanks so much.

ps my number is still the same

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10:52pm 07/05/2007
  sorry that im kind of a total bummer  

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07:39pm 30/04/2007
  i have been sitting here so long
i feel like i just woke up
something is bothering me
so maybe i would like to hear your voice

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10:11pm 18/04/2007
  this is mine as of today at 6pm


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09:28pm 18/04/2007
  i must be pretty ridiculous  

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11:07pm 12/04/2007
  i am not ok at all  
01:36pm 10/04/2007
  i cut my hair last night and its really short
i did a really bad job
but i am just going to wait for it to grow out
and i need it dyed black asap
i hate it alot

i am so goddamn hungry
there is no food at my house
i am excited for blonde redhead

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03:47pm 23/03/2007
  i am not waking up tomorrow  

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03:32pm 15/03/2007
  im sick again and i seem to be getting sicker

maybe its time

in any occasion, ill be ready for the funeral

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12:21pm 07/03/2007
  my idea of fun is killing everyone
my idea of fun is killing everyone
my idea of fun is killing everyone
my idea of fun is killing everyone
my idea of fun is killing everyone
my idea of fun is killing everyone
my idea of fun is killing everyone
my idea of fun is killing everyone

the new stooges song is one of the worst pieces of shit i have ever heard in my life
i meant to post this like a week or two ago, but i never did.
if you havent heard it, go to their myspace, or listen to 89x.
oh well
it makes me sick that someone can get a deal with that music
and we dont get a deal with actually good music
listen to us and tell the record companies

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01:51pm 03/03/2007
  my brain turned black and rotten
i have a headache

i guess i am just going to sit here
and wait till it goes away

im hungry

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12:17am 16/02/2007
  i have something on my mind, its ruining my life
let me be happy, quit ruining everything
please stop

since november, i wouldnt mind at all if i died

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